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Mailing address: The Palermo Community Library, P.O. Box 102, Palermo, Maine, 04354-0102, USA

June,2008. Click photo to view June, 2002   Look for this sign on Route 3.

Serving Palermo and Surrounding Communities

Our mission is to provide, through a public library, the necessary information and literary resources to further the education and enjoyment of Palermo residents, seasonal visitors, and residents of surrounding communities. Accessibility of educational and literary programs—and support services—will be realized through The Palermo Community Library



DATES:    January 16 & 30 / February 14 & 28

Palermo Book Club Now Meets at the Library!

Moratorium on Book Donations and VHS Tapes
Until Further Notice

  Due to a great increase in book donations this fall, the Palermo Community Library directors decided to have a moratorium on book and VHS tape donations until further notice.

We continue to gladly accept DVD and Audio Book donations.

The volunteer staff is busy making shelf room and cataloging the new donations.   If you would like to volunteer to work on the book shelves, please speak with a staff person or call 993-6088 and leave your name and number.

The ongoing book sale is in the back room behind the community room.

We could really use your help!

    Please reach out to friends and neighbors. Sometimes the neighbor-to-neighbor request is the most powerful. Pleading and getting down on one knee may also work. All kidding aside, this is serious. Use your influence. We'll be making some calls to folks who have even slightly expressed an interest. Please do the same. And if some of you who have stepped away for a bit can return, that would be awesome! Thank you so Much!

We would appreciate your financial assistance

Contributions may be mailed to The Palermo Community Library, Route 3, PO Box 102, Palermo, Maine 04354-0102

Please help to financially support our Community Library by taking your recyclable bottles and cans to our local redemption center on Turner Ridge Road...just off Route 3.
Just say, "Credit the Library, please!"

Thank You!

Aids & Assistance for your job search!

MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Library
Thousands of magazines, newspapers, and reference books are available anywhere in the State of Maine through the online resources of...
MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Library! 


We most gratefully accept donations of books or financial assistance! All monetary donations may be mailed to: Palermo Library Guild, P.O. Box 102, Palermo, ME 04354 or dropped off at the library. We would appreciate book donations to be current, classics and in good condition (please...don't bring us musty-smelling or mildewed books). At the library's discretion, book donations may either be added to our collection or sold in the on-going book sale. We can provide a detailed and signed receipt for tax purposes (to be completed by Library staff), if you wish. 

Thank You!

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The Palermo Community Library Commemorative Plate marks Bi-Centennial

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Newly revised and adopted Palermo Library Guild 2012 Bylaws. 

Library Hours
Tuesday 10am-12pm
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Saturday 10am to 2pm
Sunday 1pm-3pm

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Community Room 

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Book Discussion Group
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The Palermo Library 
Guild Board of Directors:

Betty Holzer, Acting President
Eileen Kirby, Secretary
Kipp Jacques, Treasurer
Barbara Hunt